Shimonita Hydrangea Garden

About Shimonita Hydrangea Garden in 2024

“Shimonita Hydrangea Garden” is located at the eastern gateway of our town around Shimonita IC, covering approximately 3 hectares of land with about 20,000 hydrangea bushes and approximately 1,200 crape myrtle trees planted. It has become one of the leading hydrangea gardens in the Kanto region.

Please cooperate with the one-way walking route inside the garden during your stroll.

Reception Procedure

Reception ⇒ Payment of cooperation fee at the reception ⇒ Stroll within the garden ⇒ Exit
Date: From June 2nd (Monday) to June 30th (Sunday), 2024
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Cooperation Fee: Adults 300 yen, Elementary School Students 100 yen, Children under elementary school age free
Parking: Free parking available

Hydrangea Blossom Status

For the latest updates on the blooming status of hydrangeas, information is being disseminated through the official social media channels of the town and the tourism association.

Shimonita Town:
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Shimonita Town Tourism Association:
Facebook: Shimonita Town Tourism Association
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Shimonita Hydrangea Garden Overview

Shimonita Hydrangea Garden aims to become the premier hydrangea garden in the Kanto region.

Shimonita Hydrangea Garden is home to approximately 20,000 hydrangea bushes and around 1,200 crape myrtle trees, making it one of the leading hydrangea gardens in the Kanto region in terms of plant quantity.

Located at the eastern gateway of Shimonita Town, the town took the initiative in planting hydrangea seedlings since the fiscal year 2004. Following this initiative, the “Hydrangea Cultivation Association” was formed, led by local volunteers, to nurture and manage the plants. Through this management, the bonds within the community have strengthened, fostering a collaborative approach between the local residents and the town. This collaborative effort, known as “collaboration,” serves as a model for community development, contributing to regional revitalization efforts.

In addition to volunteer activities by local residents, support is provided by various entities such as Shimonita Town, the Seven-Eleven Midori Fund, the Tomioka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and cooperation from local construction companies.

Crape myrtle trees

Shimonita Hydrangea Garden also features approximately 1,200 crape myrtle trees, adding to the diversity of flora within the garden. Visitors can enjoy the colorful blooms of these trees from early August onwards.

While strolling within the garden is permitted, management of the walking paths, including spreading wood chips in slippery areas, is carried out only during the opening period of the hydrangea garden. Please ensure your own safety while exploring the garden.

During the closure period, there will be no parking lot guidance available. Parking along the roadside is discouraged as it may obstruct traffic flow. Please refrain from doing so.

The Gunma Prefecture video and broadcasting studio “TSULUNOS.”

The video of Shimonita Hydrangea Garden has been released at the Gunma Prefecture video and broadcasting studio “TSULUNOS.”

Location: 1417-1 Umayama, Shimonita-machi, Amaraku-gun, Gunma
Shimonita Hydrangea Garden

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