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Shimonita Geopark

The 100 best geological sites in Japan, traces of volcanic activity about 9.5 million years ago, the World Heritage Arafune Wind Cave, and so much to see!

Shimonita Journey

Explorer Shimonita ! World Heritage ! The Blessing Of The Earth ! Industrial Heritage ! History & Food Culture !

Michi-no-eki Shimonita

Food court, sales of local specialties, road and tourist information, and a rest area.

Nishi-Joshu Mobility

Journeys to Nishi-Joshu uses public transportation used by local people.

Local Specialities

Local specialties and products of Shimonita Town.

Event & Experience

Here's a guide to events and experiences you can enjoy in Shimonita Town!

Eat & Buy

Eat and Buy ! Restaurants, specialties, lunch boxes, and souvenirs from Shimonita Town !

Shimonita Sightseeing

A treasure of nature! Enjoy in Shimonita Town! Learn! Play! and more!


Shimonita Accommodation & Hot Springs

Shimonita Access

Using car, train or public transportation

From Karuizawa

Get on the Joshinetsu Expressway at the Karuizawa IC and get off at the Shimonita IC. About 5 min

Access from Nagano

Get off at the Saku IC, take National Route 254 toward Shimonita/Tomioka, about 60 minutes.

Access from the Tokyo area

Get off at the Shimonita IC on the Joshinetsu Expressway. About 5 min

Train – Joshin Dentetsu Railway

On Platform No.0 at JR Takasaki Station, take Joshin Dentetsu Railway. Takasaki Station to Sendaira Station (55 min)

Access by Express Bus

Timetable & Prices

Shimonita SNS

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