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Shimonita Journey

Explorer Shimonita ! World Heritage ! The Blessing Of The Earth ! Industrial Heritage ! History & Food Culture !

Michi-no-eki Shimonita

Food court, sales of local specialties, road and tourist information, and a rest area.

Nishi-Joshu Mobility

Journeys to Nishi-Joshu uses public transportation used by local people.

Mt. Myougi Torist Information

6 million years old mountain. Mount Myogi is a much older volcano compared to Mount Fuji.

Local Specialities

Local specialties and products of Shimonita Town.

Event & Experience

Here's a guide to events and experiences you can enjoy in Shimonita Town!

Eat & Buy

Eat and Buy ! Restaurants, specialties, lunch boxes, and souvenirs from Shimonita Town !

Shimonita Sightseeing

A treasure of nature! Enjoy in Shimonita Town! Learn! Play! and more!


Shimonita Accommodation & Hot Springs

Shimonita Access

Using car, train or public transportation

From Karuizawa

Get on the Joshinetsu Expressway at the Karuizawa IC and get off at the Shimonita IC. About 5 min

Access from Nagano

Get off at the Saku IC, take National Route 254 toward Shimonita/Tomioka, about 60 minutes.

Access from the Tokyo area

Get off at the Shimonita IC on the Joshinetsu Expressway. About 5 min

Train – Joshin Dentetsu Railway

On Platform No.0 at JR Takasaki Station, take Joshin Dentetsu Railway. Takasaki Station to Sendaira Station (55 min)

Access by Express Bus

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2021.5.5 Shimonita Journey

Arafune Cold Storage

2021.5.5 Blessing of Earth

Shimonita Geopark

2021.5.4 History & Culture

Suwa Shrine

2021.5.4 History & Culture

The Battle of Shimonita

2021.5.4 Industrial Heritage

Nakaosaka Iron Mine and Ironworks

2021.5.4 Blessing of Earth

Mt. Myogi

2021.5.4 Blessing of Earth

Kozu Farm

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