Shimonita Geopark

Birth of the Japanese Archipelago

Welcome to Shimonita Town

In Shimonita Geopark, there are mountains with unique mountain ranges. These mountains were not all formed in the same way, and each has its own unique history. In particular, the mountains of Atokura-Kurippe, which can be seen from the town center, have different stones on the top and bottom of the mountains, and it is said that the strata on the top moved and rode up long ago.

The cause of this difference is still unknown, and it is said to hold the secret of the birth of the Japanese archipelago, which is why the theme of this Geopark is “Rootless Mountains” Revealing the Birth of the Japanese Archipelago.

Other traces of crustal deformation that led to the formation of the Japanese archipelago include Arafuneyama (Mt. Arafune) and Myogisan (Mt. Myogi), which are said to be remnants of volcanic activity 9 to 6 million years ago, as well as the Median Tectonic Line that runs through the town.

In this natural environment, the people of Shimonita have developed industries and made a living by taking advantage of underground resources and the unique topography. The World Heritage Site Arafune Wind Cave and other mine sites, as well as the site of a konjak flour mill, are all still standing in the area.

Please visit Shimonita Geopark with its many attractions, not only to see the sights, but also to listen to the guides and enjoy the gourmet food made from the bounty of the earth. <From the website of Shimonita Geopark>