Tour of Nakazeki Road and Stone Gate

Located in Gunma and Nagano prefectures, Myogi Arafune Saku Kogen National Park, Mt. Myogi is also known as one of Japan’s three most unusual sights, and its fiercely eroded landscape is also known as a mountain of faith.

Recommended course

“Hiking through the stone gate of the Myogi Mountain Intermediate Pass” is a route from the Nakanotake Shrine, through the first stone gate, past the second stone gate, through the third and fourth stone gate, through the chain stairs, Tarwaki Waterfall, and the first sight-seeing platform, to Myogi Shrine.

Distance: Approximately 8 km
Time required: About 5 hours (including rest time)
Elevation difference: 460m〜890m(※ Approximately)