Mt. Ontake Shimonita

It is also a mountain of the Shugendo sect of the Ontake faith, and there are stone monuments of children, Fudo Myoo, Ishimiya, etc. enshrined on the sides of the trail.

In addition, the ridge of the trail is covered with green schist as well as blue rock, and continues to the vicinity of the shrine office of Ontake Shrine.

From here to the top of the mountain, the terrain is made up of the Atokura Formation, which is made up of runestone and sandstone.

It is also close to the town, and after climbing the mountain, you can enjoy a meal or a tour of the retro Showa-era streets in the town!

Start from Michi-no-eki Shimonita

Take an express bus from Tokyo and depart from Michi-no-eki Shimonita.
This is an example of a plan where you can enjoy hiking, lunch in Shimonita Town, and a retro town tour!

7:40 Highway bus (Chikuma Bus, Seibu Kanko Bus) departs from Ikebukuro Station East Exit

9:56 Arrive at Michi-no-eki Shimonita

10:00 Departure from Michi-no-eki Shimonita

Walk (about 50 minutes)

10:50 Arrive at Hotaruyama Park and trailhead

Walk (about 45 minutes)

11:45 Arrive at the top of Shimonita-Otake Mountain Rest

Walk (about 45 minutes)

12:45 Arrive at Hotaruyama Park

Walk (about 35 minutes)

13:20 Arrive at Shimonita Station

Lunch and rest in Shimonita Town

17:50 Departure from Shimonita Station

Walk (about 40 minutes)

18:30 Arrive at Michi-no-eki Shimonita

18:49 Highway Bus (Chikuma Bus/Seibu Kanko Bus) from Michi-no-eki Shimonita

21:02 Arrive at Ikebukuro Station East Exit, 21:27 Arrive at Basta Shinjuku


The above schedule and public transportation times are approximate.
Please note that all transportation services are subject to change. Please confirm in advance.