“Okina grass and azalea” viewing hiking course (Mt. Kannari / Miyazaki Park)

Mt. Kannari / Miyazaki Park

From late March to mid-April, the Mt. Kannari hiking course where you can enjoy “Okina grass flowers” and azaleas.

From Mt. Kannari to Miyazaki Park. At Miyazaki Park, you can also enjoy azalea viewing.
Although the altitude is not high, the view is good, and it is a hiking course where you can enjoy the quiet scenery and spring flowers.

On the way to the Trailhead of Mt.Kannari, there is Nanjai Station of Joshin Dentetsu Railway, a lot of “Okina grass flowers” are blooming inside the station.

Also, if you have enough time, why don’t you visit Miyazaki Park and then visit Nukisaki Shrine, which is located in Ichinomiya!

Ohanami hiking course

Take a highway bus from Tokyo and head to the Michi-no-eki Shimonita.
A hiking course where you can enjoy the spring scenery by walking along a quiet country road.

7:40 Highway Bus/Ikebukuro Station East Exit

9:56 Arrive at Michi-no-eki Shimonita

10:00 Start from Michi-no-eki Shimonita

(About 40 min)

10:40 Arrive at Trailhead of Mt.Kannari

Mt.Kannari Hiking course

(About 90 min)

12:00 Arrave at Miyazaki Park

13:19 Kaminohara Station (Joshin Dentetsu)

(About 11 min)

13:30 Arrave at Joshu Tomioka

14:48 From highway bus Tomioka bus stop

Head to Tokyo

16:52 Arrive at Ikebukuro


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