Kozu Arafune Autumn-leaf Festival

Date & Time October 15, 2023, Sunday, from 10:00 a.m.
Location:Kozu Farm
250 Minaminomaki, Shimonita, Kanra District, Gunma 370-2626

Free Kozu Farm Jersey Cup milk for all visitors
Mt. Monomi and Mt. Arafune climbers will receive soft-serve ice cream
Participants in the observatory hiking will receive “drinkable YOGURT”

Experience Corner

Milking experience (100 yen)
Pony riding experience (100 yen)
Wooden plates made with a burning iron (100 yen)

Enjoyment Corner

Calf weight guessing quiz (luxury gifts)
Small animal petting (rabbits and goats)
Goats for a walk (100 yen) 
Drawing on roll veil (free of charge)

Meal Corner

Lodge Dining Room
Teppan-yaki corner (special price)

Meet Corner

Beef sausage (300 yen)
Sweet potato soup (200 yen), etc.

Hikers Service

Free Kozu Farm Jersey Cup milk for all visitors 
Soft ice cream for climbers of Mt. Monomi and Mt. Arafune
Observatory hiking participants will receive “Drinkable Yogurt”.

Kozu Farm

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