2023 Suwa Shrine Autumn Festival

The Suwa Shrine Autumn Festival has a 180-year history, dating back to around 1842 (Tempo 12) during the Edo period.
The festival used to focus on portable shrines, but from 1906 to the early Showa period, a parade float were created in each district, and the festival is now held as a portable shrine and a parade float festival centering on Suwa Shrine.

Schedule (Parade float)

October 7

Day Time

13:40 – Departure Ceremony at Suwa Shrine
Traffic control begins (15:00)
Tour continues until 16:30

Night Time

17:30 – Parade begins (downtown)
19:30 – Fireworks display
20:20 – Dismissal Ceremony at Konjac-Dojo
20:30 – Dissolution
Traffic restrictions lifted (21:00)

October 8

Day Time

13:35 – Starting Ceremony at Azumacho Ishigami Street
Traffic control begins (13:00 and 14:00)
Tour until 4:00 p.m.

Night Time

17:00 – Parade begins (downtown)
19:45 – Each town’s lion dance performance
20:10 – Ceremonical hand-clapping at the successful close
20:30 – Dissolution
Traffic restrictions lifted (21:00)

Traffic Control

Schedule (Mikochi Togyo)

October 8

9:00 – Departure from the palace
11:18 – Entering the shrine

Traffic Control

Suwa Shrine Location
319 Shimonita, Shimonita Town, Kanra District, Gunma 370-2601

Suwa Shrine

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