Mt. Myogi Off-limits Information

A large scale landslide and rock fall occurred in the plaza in front of the 4th stone gate on the Kanto Fureai Road (Mt. Myogi Intermediate Path Course). (Occurred around August 14, 2023).

The following sections of the trail are currently off-limits due to the lack of prospects for restoration and safety. We will inform you as soon as new information becomes available, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Period: For the time being 
Off-limits section: From the entrance of Stone Gate to the entrance of Taiho-iwa and Miharashidai
Closed: The road will be closed to traffic for the time being between Taruwaki Valley and No.2 Miharashi, and the Kanto Fureai Road due to a safety inspection of the steel stairway.
For details, please visit the Gunma Prefecture website.
The Gunma Prefecture website

For inquiries, please contact

Gunma Prefecture Natural Environment Division  TEL:027-226-2876
Shimonita Town Commerce, Industry and Tourism Division TEL:0274-64-8805


  • The traverse route is passable.
    Miharashi-dai – Stone Gate branch – Nakanodake, Higashidake – Taiho-iwa branch, Horikiri – Horikiri entrance
  • Please be careful after it rains, as the rocks at the chain-link are very slippery.
  • There have been reports of sand and soil spills and fallen trees on the trail due to heavy rains. Please be careful as there are places where it is difficult to pass.
  • The main ridge at the top of the mountain is a very dangerous course for advanced climbers, so please refrain from climbing if you do not have the necessary climbing skills and equipment (ropes, harnesses, carabiners, etc.).
  • Recently there have been a number of accidents involving slips and falls. Please be careful on the other intermediate and beginner courses as most of them are also rocky.
  • Please be sure to fill out and submit the mountain-climbing resistration and plan in the resistration box at the trailhead before entering the mountain.
  • The resistration box is also located near the tourist information center in “Michi-no-eki Shimonita”.
  • You can also submit the mountain-climbing resistration online or via a smartphone App.
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