Tourist Information Center

Access to Shimonita Tourist Information Center By Car Joshinetsu Expressway 5 minutes from Shimonita IC 35 minutes from Karuizawa IC From Nagano Get off at Saku IC on Joshinetsu Expressway, Take Route 254 towards Shimonita/Tomioka area (about 60 minutes) (Details of expressway charges) NEXCO East Japan Website Using a train or highway bus From Takasaki Station(JR) Take Joshin Dentetsu Railway (about 50 minutes), get off at Sendaira Station, about 12 minutes walk from the station. (Timetable/Fare) Joshin Dentetsu Railway Website (Japanese language ONLY) From Ikebukuro (Bus Station in Tokyo) Take Chikuma Bus-Get off at Shimonita(about 2 hours) (Timetable/Fare) Chikuma Bus/Highway Bus (Japanese language ONLY)