Konnyaku (Devil’s tongue) Making Experience

Konnyaku, also known as Konjac or Devil’s tongue, is traditional Japanese food and one of speciality of Shimonita. It’s kind of rubbery but very healthy. Let’s enjoy making experience homemade Konnyaku!

Experience content

It is made from konnyaku flour.
It will be hand kneading, addition of edible lime, molding, and boiling.
The made “Konnyaku” can be taken home as a souvenir.
There is also a lecture about Konnyaku.

Shimonita official support song「Konnyaku Paradice !

Konnyaku Making Experience
Konnyaku Making Experience Dojo
390 Shimonita, Kanra District, Gunma 370-2601

It may be changed to the Disaster Prevention Exchange Station in "Michi no Eki Shimonita".
Excluding New Year holidays
800 yen per person
Payment method: Local payment, cash only
Required Time
Easy course (about 60 minutes): Start from kneading the powder already dissolved in water.
Basic Course (about 90 minutes): Start by dissolving konjac powder in water.
Less than 10 people
What to bring
Apron □Triangle cloth □Jacket (or slippers) □Hand towel
About allergies
Specific ingredients: None
Ingredients used: konnyaku potato powder, lime

Cancellation policy
Please contact us as soon as possible for the convenience of the venue.

About the change of the number of people and the final confirmation of the number of people
Please contact us at least 3 days in advance by phone (0274-67-7500).


please fill out the application form 7 days before the desired date and apply by email or fax.

*If the number of people, time change after application, please notify us by fax.
*Please be careful not to make any mistakes, as the preparation will be made on the day based on the details entered in the application form.
Konnyaku Making Experience Dojo
390-1 Shimonita, Shimanita Town, Gunma Prefecture
Opening hour
9:00 - 16:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)
0274-67-7500 (Shimonita Tourism Association)
0274-67-7501 (Shimonita Tourism Association)
Mail Address

About access to the Konnyaku Making Experience Dojo

Address: 390-1 Shimonita, Shimanita Town, Gunma Prefecture
(* Set your car navigation system to the Shimonita Chamber of Commerce and Industry (0274-82-3206), you can easily find the Dojo.)
Parking Free. (Large bus available)

Contact information on the day

Shimonita Town Tourism Association (09:00-16:00) ℡: 0274-67-7500
*Please contact us if your arrival time (30 minutes or more) is delayed.